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The Roman Road Decidedly Dodgy Hash House Harriers
In and around North Hampshire. 11am Saturdays during the winter and 7pm Thursday in the Summer.

Haunch of Venison Hash House Harriers
Salisbury and District. Runs start at Wednesdays at 7pm all year round.

Worthy Winchester Hash House Harriers
18:45 every Monday evening - don't be late they not waiting ......

Hursley Hash House Harriers
Sundays at 11:00, in and around South Hampshire (New Forest, Winchester, Meon, Farley Mount, Micheldever Woods... 

North hants Hash House Harriers
Every Sunday - 11am in the winter and 6pm in the Summer.

Edinburgh Hash House Harriers
Find out about all the Edinburgh hashes.

Isle of Wight Hash House Harriers
All runs  on Sundays at 11am except whe they don't ......

Berkshire Hash House Harriers
Sundays (Winter) and Mondays (Summer) from various pubs in the Berkshire area.

North Wilts Hash House Harriers
If you want to go a bit further west.

UK Hash House Harriers
Find a hash in the UK ...............

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