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2nd Jan Run 298, PnD, 2-3 Dines Farm, Hatherden, SP11 0HU
PnD on the flour - Food provided - bring some drinks and a torch

6th Feb Run 299, TBD
Portia on the flour

6th March Run 300, TBD

Shandyman doing the honours

3rd April Run 301, TBD
Hare Needed 

19th April Run 302, TBD

Hare needed - BVH3 Birthday run

1st May Run 303, TBD
PnD penciled in

5th June Run 304, TBD
Headley Hound

3rd July Run 305, TBD
Spex & L&T

7th August Run 306, TBD
Hare Needed

4th September Run 307, TBD
Hare Needed

2nd October Run 309, TBD
Hare Needed

6th November Run 310, TBD

Hare Needed

4th December Run 311, TBD
Hare Needed

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